Rethink grant research and application management

Brevio automates grant research and the initial steps in grant application management to free up hundreds of millions of pounds lost to administration every year.


Of UK charities don't believe  grants are distributed on a level playing field


Of grant applications fail every year


Of charities believe that the whole grant making system needs to be modernised


Is spent every year on just writing grant applications by registered charities

It's all in the numbers

Find and apply for eligible grants in just a few clicks. With Brevio there’s no limit to how many grants you can apply for. Let us instantly and continuously match you to eligible grants.
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Who do we support?

Brevio has built an online
suite of simple, intuitive
tools for non-profits
and grant givers

Brevio for Non-profits

A grants application and matching platform for non-profits
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Brevio for Grant givers

Instant beneficiary data & technology solutions for grant givers
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