Matching non-profits and grant-makers

In a sector where every penny counts, we strive to reduce precious time and money lost by leveraging smart data to connect non-profits and grant-makers.


Of charities don't believe  grants are distributed on a level playing field


Of grant applications fail every year


Of charities believe that the grant- making system needs to be modernised


Is spent every year writing grant applications

Why do we match you?

Navigating the grant application process can be daunting for non-profits and grant-makers alike.  When surveyed, 99% of UK charities desired simplified grant application processes, and 94% wanted a central database of grant-makers. The good news? That’s exactly what we are.

Who is Brevio for?

Brevio's online, user-friendly tools empower non-profits and grant-makers alike.


To save non-profits valuable time, we simplify grant discovery by connecting you with eligible opportunities. Set up your funding needs and receive instant, personalised matches.
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Our completely customisable grant-making toolkit caters to organisations of all sizes, streamlining the application process, reducing applicant volume and enhancing the quality received.
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