It’s a match! Getting your charity’s funding need set up


So your charity has joined Brevio… now what?

It’s time to add your first funding need! This is an important step to ensure that we can match you with grants that you’re eligible for. 

Brevio’s advanced matching technology uses the information you provide during this step to search our platform for funders who have grants available. It then checks that you meet their requirements. From there we match you, giving you the opportunity to go ahead and apply for funding.

But how should you set up your funding needs?

Well there are lots of different options. We know that you won’t always have a specific project that needs funding, sometimes you might just need core costs – and that’s fine. With Brevio you can add as many funding needs as you like and you can choose from a range of different needs, including:

Capital costs – to cover a fixed, one-time expense that you have

Core costs – to support you with the day-to-day costs of running your charity

Loan – to cover a temporary expense that you are able to pay back

Project / Idea – to fund an idea or project you are working on

Capacity Building – to help you build your team’s capacity and increase the services you run

Monitoring and Evaluation – to support you to evaluate the impact your work is having and identify new opportunities

The questions that appear will change depending on which funding need you select. For example, if you select Project / Idea you’ll be asked to provide some details about what your idea is and the problem that you’re trying to solve.

You’ll then be asked to specify the total amount you require and any other funding sources.

You’ll also be asked to capture any beneficiaries that will be supported through your funding need.

Then what happens?

Once you have set up your funding need you essentially leave Brevio running in the background all year, and we will let you know when you are matched. 

You’ll receive alerts to let you know when we’ve matched you with a fund so you can decide if you’d like to apply for those grants. There is no limit on how many grants you can apply to with your completed application form. And Brevio will continue matching so that anytime a new fund becomes available, you’ll know straight away. 

Once you’re all set up you can update your funding need, or add a new one at any time.

Check out our next blog for tips on optimising your funding need.

Not quite sure where to start?

Our team is here to help! You can contact one of our friendly team to chat about setting up a funding need.

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