Brevio partner with People's Postcode Lottery to facilitate safer grant-giving

Many grant-making organisations are so overwhelmed with applications that they have to close funding rounds early. For every strong application received, there can be many more that do not meet grant eligibility criteria, or Charity Commission regulations. In most rounds, a small percentage of applications could even be fraudulent.

Brevio has been retained in 2022 by People’s Postcode Lottery to conduct due diligence checks on all shortlisted applicants to People’s Postcode Trust, Postcode Neighbourhood Trust, Postcode Local Trust, Postcode Places Trust, Postcode Community Trust and Postcode Society Trust. This is to ensure only eligible applications from well run non-profit organisations are prioritised for funding. Brevio blends digital technology and human insight to conduct timely, accurate and rigorous due diligence checks, proactively helping applicants through the process to ensure it is both fair and safe.

At its core, strong due diligence enables grant-makers to check that their money is going to legitimate, well run charitable organisations who will use it for their intended purpose, empowering them to make informed, confident decisions about appropriate allocation of funds.

But for many funders, due diligence has long been a challenge. Without the right data, and the right approach to analysis, due diligence can be a daunting prospect. 

Civil Society reported that there has been an increase in fraudulent grant applications since the start of the pandemic, showing just how important thorough due diligence has become. The UK Government even launched a covid fraud hotline to stop fraudsters from illegally targeting covid-related grants.

As one of the UK’s biggest grant-makers, People’s Postcode Lottery understands the importance of implementing comprehensive, timely and accurate due diligence checks, scaled to the size of grant being awarded. 

Brevio validates data supplied by grant applicants at the pre-assessment stage, and then runs a battery of additional checks in four key areas: Governance Documents, Financial Accounts, Regulatory Filings, and Online Presence. The collation and cross-referencing of data is largely automated but all applications are reviewed by an expert team of analysts before recommendations are made.

“When I launched Brevio I knew that streamlining the application process was just the beginning. Now, partnering with People’s Postcode Lottery to improve the due diligence process, I have no doubt of the positive impact this will have on funders and charities alike,” says Brevio Founder and Chair, Marcelle Speller.

Brevio’s due diligence tool can be used by big or small grant-making organisations, individuals, donors and philanthropists.

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