Going digital – what tools should your charity be using?

If the past year has taught us anything, it’s that digital tools are not going anywhere. 

When face-to-face fundraising and in-person meetings and events became all but impossible, digital tools were there to save the day. They had been patiently waiting for their moment and this was it.

But as we prepare for the future and start to plan the sector’s recovery, we shouldn’t simply go back to the way things were. Many of these tools can increase our productivity, efficiency and even creativity. 

So rather than discarding the new suite of digital tools we’ve familiarised ourselves with, we should take them with us, as we approach our work in new ways. 

Here are some of our favourite tools that we think every charity should be using…

Digital fundraising tools

Localgiving – Create your own fundraising or project page and access a range of training and resources.

Cost: £96 per year 

Just Giving – Create fundraising and campaign pages and access reporting and insights tools.

Cost: From £15 per month 

Grant application tools

Brevio – We’re currently the only platform you can use to get matched instantly to eligible grants and apply for as many as you like with your Brevio profile.

Cost: One user license free forever. Benefit from as many team users as you like completely free until March 2022.

Marketing tools

Canva – Create and design marketing collateral for your website, social media, emails and more with Canva’s easy-to-use templates.

Cost: Non-profits can use the pro version for free by contacting Canva.

MailChimp – Create and send campaign emails and newsletters to your subscribers and store their contact details in the one place.

Cost: Free account provides up to 2000 subscribers

Mail tester – Once you’re ready to send campaign emails, check whether they pass the spam test with Mail tester.

Cost: Free, simply send a test of your email to the email address provided. 

Typeform – Easily create your own user surveys with an interactive form that works on desktop, mobile and tablet.

Cost: Discounts available for non-profits. Contact Typeform to discuss your options. 

Project planning tools

Miro – Create a digital collaborative whiteboard to plan projects with your team in real-time.

Cost: Free account gives you 3 boards and unlimited team members.

Trello – Plan your projects and deliverable with Trello’s range of boards. Work in lists, kanban view or calendar view.

Cost: Free account includes 10 boards per team, unlimited cards and lists, 10MB file attachment

Asana – Similar to Trello, Asana lets you plan your projects via boards with a range of views and templates available.

Cost: Free account includes unlimited tasks, projects and storage.

Slack – Keep in touch with your team while you work remotely. Send instant messages to your team members and set up project-related channels to share ideas.

Cost: Free account includes 10,000 messages and 10 integrations

Are there any tools missing from our list that you use regularly?

Let us know: hello@brevio.org.

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