Partnerships with a great cause in Wales

This year, Brevio has focused on getting to know our non-profit and charity customers to create lasting connections. Emma, our Charity Engagement Lead knows the community well and has been out at events like NCVO, WCVA, CS3C, Swansea Council's Green Recovery Conference and most recently the Charity Commission Annual Public Meeting networking and finding out about the current challenges in the sector.

“My excitement about Brevio is genuine, there are great benefits for non-profits and funders alike. The funding system has needed streamlining for many years and the thought that charities can fill out a profile just once and add multiple funding needs is very refreshing, it simply makes sense.” says Emma.

We are delighted to welcome new Welsh partnerships, Croesco!

Whilst Cop 26 has been highlighting the urgency of the climate crisis, the third sector has come together to work collaboratively to address climate and environmental issues. To fulfil our obligations as a BCorp and a UK Social Enterprise, Brevio has been working on these environmental partnerships and supporting non-profits looking for funding within this area. 

Climate Cymru and Climate Coalition

We were pleased to partner with Climate Cymru who are dedicated to action against climate change. Brevio is committed to promoting environmental stewardship and reducing our environmental impacts. It goes hand in hand with Brevio’s core mission of reducing waste and inefficiency in the third sector. Environmental charities can save significant amounts of time using the platform, by only having to make one application. The saved resources can be redistributed into the core mission of the organisation. You can find our partner profile here.


Businesses, charities and organisations are working with 4theRegion on green recovery projects in collaboration with Swansea Council, intending to get more investment and support into this region and surrounding areas. You’ll continue to see Brevio supporting a number of the upcoming events and you can find us as a partner on their service app.


Connected, resourceful, sustainable communities. Interlink provides links to infoengine- the only list of all third sector organisations and businesses that support them. Their main areas of work are community advice, volunteering, wellbeing and working together. You can find out more about them here

This is what some of our non-profits and charities with an environmental focus had to say: 

“Our mission is to inform you and help you understand to tackle the problems our planet faces. Whilst also inspiring people to get involved, to stand up and to fight for meaningful change against global warming and climate change”. - Environmentally Conscious 

“We’re working to raise awareness of the importance of clean energy, fighting against the threat of climate change through; information, communication, consultation and arts activities.” - Egni Coop

Further support and advice for charities

If you are a non-profit organisation looking for environmental funding, as well as setting up a funding need on Brevio, there are many organisations and bodies that can support your mission. You can find some helpful links here: 

Third Sector Support: Wales for knowledge and insights

Infoengine for services

Connect RCT for activities and volunteering

The Great Big Green Week for hooking into environmental campaigns

Carbon Copy Eco for listed projects on environmental campaigns

The Climate Coalition to become a member. 

Community Energy Wales if you are interested in starting a renewable energy project 

Community Energy England for renewable energy projects

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