How to add a funding need on Brevio?

Why is it important to add a funding need?

The Brevio platform matches non-profits with funders based primarily on their funding needs along with other information in the organisation profile. This is why it's crucial that as a non-profit you have a live funding need, so you can be matched with grants you are eligible to apply for. The quality of your matches also depends on the information you’ve selected whilst creating your funding need - so be specific!

How long does it take to add a funding need?

Adding a funding need takes only a few minutes and it’s very easy. We have outlined steps to help you out.

1. Login to your Brevio account

2. Click ‘Create a funding need’ or navigate to ‘My funding needs’ at the top of the page

3. Select the primary purpose of the funding you are seeking, this can be:

Capital Costs 

Core Costs


Project / Idea

Capacity Building

Monitoring and Evaluation 

4. Describe why the funding is required, how much you’re looking for, and timings.

5. Add any supporting assets

6. Choose your focus area, beneficiaries and location - these should be specific to this particular funding need - not your organisation as a whole.

7. Save your funding need and publish - you’re then ready to start receiving matches!

How to make sure I maximise chances of getting matched?

We have created five tips for you to make sure you set your funding needs in the way that maximises your chances of getting good quality matches. 

If you need support setting up your funding need, you can always get in touch with our friendly customer success team:

Phone: 01225 530 095

Email: hello@brevio.org 

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