Five tips to optimise your funding need

For Brevio to work best, it’s important that your charity sets up your funding needs in a way that gives grant makers a clear indication of what you’re looking to achieve. This is the best way to ensure you get a match!

To help you make sure that your funding need captures your aims, read on for our 5 quick tips. If you haven’t yet set up a funding need, head over to our previous blog for a quick step by step guide.

Our five tips

1. Be as specific as possible with your focus areas and beneficiaries 

Your focus areas and beneficiaries should be specific to your particular funding need. Remember, this section should look different from your general application. Use the search bar to look for the keywords that best match your funding need. 

For example, if you’re an environmental charity your main focus might be ‘nature’ or ‘wildlife’. Perhaps your funding need is for a community cafe based at one of your nature reserves.

Rather than only selecting ‘nature’ and ‘environment’ as your focus areas and ‘wildlife’ as the beneficiary, you should narrow it down a bit more. Is your cafe going to benefit the community by providing a place for people to go to? If so you should add ‘community’ as one of your beneficiaries. 

Think about what the specific funding need focuses on and who it will benefit. This will help grant makers get a better picture of what you want to achieve. 

2. Create more than one funding need

Did you know you can create as many funding needs as you like? For example, if you are currently running multiple projects you can set up a funding need for each project. This allows you to drill down into each of them and describe what they are all about. 

We also recommend you set up a funding need for core costs to potentially help cover your general running costs. Each funding need you create is another possibility of matching with different grant makers. 

3. Add your geographic focus area

We’re always looking to improve Brevio. We’ve just rolled out a new feature that allows you to select international locations as your geographic focus area. This feature lets you highlight the specific countries that some of your projects take place in, as well as the location that your charity generally operates in. 

You can also log back in and update any of your existing funding needs with this new location option to ensure your charity’s focus is captured correctly.

4. Edit your funding need anytime

Brevio is set up to allow you to edit your profile and your funding needs at any time. We know your focus may change over time so by logging back in to edit your details you can keep your funding needs up to date. 

This is particularly handy if you set up your funding need in a rush and didn’t have time to add all the information you wanted to. Simply log back in and update it any time. By keeping your information up to date, you’ll have a better chance of getting matched. 

5. Share your feedback with us at any stage

We’re always looking for helpful feedback so we can keep improving the platform. Which is why we’ve built Brevio with an easy to use feedback widget in each step of the application form. You’ll find it on the right hand side of every page. 

Any feedback that you submit is delivered straight to our customer success team so they can review and action it. Don’t be afraid to share your feedback with us at any stage of the process. And if you need support with a particular part of the form, you can always get in touch with our friendly customer success team:

Phone: 01225 530 095

Email: hello@brevio.org 

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