Brevio partners with Berkshire Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre

During March, to mark Multiple Sclerosis awareness month, Brevio has been running a campaign partnering with and promoting non-profits supporting Multiple Sclerosis who are looking for much needed funding. Brevio has been offering a booklet to non-profits, which they can use either for fundraising, or to help people living with MS and their families. 

One of the non-profits that is currently using this booklet is the Berkshire MS Therapy Centre. The Berkshire MS Therapy Centre has been supporting people with MS living in Berkshire and the surrounding counties for over 30 years. 

Despite several months of closure due to Covid in 2021, Berkshire MS Therapy Centre provided over 9,000 treatments. The centre provides a range of tailored support for people with MS including physiotherapy and exercise classes, oxygen treatment, counselling, footcare and a range of complementary therapies including massage,reflexology, acupuncture. The charity runs a specialist centre  including the only oxygen chamber in Berkshire.

In order to be able to continue providing this service, Berkshire MS Therapy Centre looks for fundraising from multiple sources. Historically, around a third of their funds came from donations from individuals. More recently, due to Covid and various changes within the third sector, they have been relying more heavily on funders and grants for the majority of funding. They have recently signed up for Brevio to help build a more secure portfolio of potential funders. 

Samantha Harper, Fundraising Manager at Berkshire MS Therapy Centre said: "Since Covid, the demands on our fundraising and my time have never been higher. I am looking forward to using Brevio to help meet our increased demands as we emerge from the pandemic. Knowing that we will be approaching organisations that are looking to support projects like ours means we can better target our applications, saving our, and the grant funders, precious time.’’

As art and creative activities have been shown to have benefits for people living with MS, Berkshire MS Therapy Centre also has Brevio’s MS booklets available at the centre and online, with an aim to both fundraise and support people  with MS in the area. “There’s obviously a lot about physical needs with MS, but often people forget about the cognitive side of it and actually that is really important which this booklet addresses. I also really like how positive it is, it’s beautifully illustrated.” ,added Samantha. 

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