New data reveals the biggest funding gaps for charities across the UK

As the response to the COVID pandemic continues to evolve, new data from Brevio reveals the causes with the greatest disparity between funding needs and available grants.

In the aftermath of extensive COVID restrictions and lockdowns, homelessness, supporting victims of domestic abuse, and social and community projects were among the causes that were most in need of funding during 2021.

The 2021 focus for funders paints a similar, but slightly different picture. Social and community projects, environment and climate, and homelessness services were among the categories with the most available grants. This data highlights a clear funding gap for charities who supported victims of abuse throughout 2021.

The causes with the lowest number of grants available included support for religious groups, emergency responders and art projects.

Increased demand for domestic abuse and homelessness services in 2021

This newly released data echoes reports from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), which shows a 6% increase in the number of domestic abuse crimes in England and Wales, and a 22% increase in calls made to domestic abuse helplines in 2021.

This increase in demand for domestic abuse support services has put significant pressure on charities who provide these services, resulting in a greater need for funding .

When it comes to homelessness, Crisis UK estimates that in 2020 around 200,000 people experienced ‘core homelessness’ in the UK.

And throughout 2021 the issue only worsened, with The Big Issue reporting a 12% increase in the number of people living in temporary accommodation.

Which locations across the UK had the biggest funding gaps?

The data also reveals which geographic locations across the UK were most in need of funding throughout 2021, and, comparatively, where the highest proportion of funders were making grants available.

The map below, taken from Brevio, shows a high concentration of charities with funding needs in London and the South West during 2021.

In contrast, the highest concentration of available grants during 2021 was in London, followed by Birmingham and Manchester.

Data highlights the biggest funding gaps in South West England and  Lincolnshire, during the past year.

This data was obtained through Brevio’s data backed giving platform - a service that matches a charity’s funding needs to available grants. Data was based on 2300 charities and 1945 grants on the Brevio platform.

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