How Brevio is helping charities find funding

While the past year was an extremely difficult one for charities and non-profits, many turned to new ways to find funding.

And we wanted to share some of our success stories from charities who joined Brevio and were able to find funding through applying for eligible grants that they were matched to within the platform.

Why are charities joining Brevio?

The team from Jessie May signed up to Brevio after seeing the value it could offer. 

“As a fundraiser, I am always looking for tools to aid my work raising money for Jessie May. When I heard about Brevio two things appealed to me: reaching organisations and individuals that I may not have found in other ways; and the single application process. 

“Now we’re signed up, Brevio keeps working in the background and alerts me to any matches, then it’s just a simple click of a button to apply. It gives me an additional and efficient route to finding funding, increasing the chances of raising money for Jessie May’s vital work.”

The Mustard Tree joined Brevio as a means to identify new potential funders.

“At Mustard Tree we tackle the causes and consequences of poverty and homelessness across Greater Manchester. But to do this we need to maintain our financial sustainability by regularly identifying new funders. We decided to join Brevio, as we heard it was a digital solution that could help us do this in a quick and simple way.”

Unlike other charities, Citizens Advice Mendip don’t usually fundraise but they found themselves in a challenging situation.

“We are normally the ones doing the helping, but this isn’t a normal year. When we found ourselves in need of funding, we turned to Brevio for support and found a great digital solution.”

Accessing vital funds through Brevio

SWEDA says that finding funding can often be a challenge for them. 

“As a mental health charity we find it tricky to secure unrestricted funding but by using Brevio we were able to secure a vital amount.”

The funding will help support their work providing counselling and support sessions for people with eating disorders in Somerset.

Jessie May also found funding through Brevio. It will support their work with children who are not expected to live past the age of nineteen and have conditions which make them extremely vulnerable. 

“We are delighted to have found funding through Brevio which will help Jessie May to provide vital hospice at home care for children in the South West.”

They provide much needed respite care, emotional support, end of life care, and bereavement support for their family.

The Mustard Tree says that “through Brevio we were able to apply for a grant that will help keep our activities and services running.”

While Citizens Advice Mendip says “this funding means we can continue to support our clients young and old with advice and through our awareness work.”

A strategic fundraising tool

Many of the charities who have joined Brevio now see it as an integral part of their fundraising strategy. 

SWEDA says they plan to continue using Brevio and are “confident that Brevio will be an important part of our 2021 fundraising strategy.”

Reflecting on how easy they found the process, The Mustard Tree says “Brevio makes the process of finding new funding much less complex, by continuously matching us to available grants.”

Although Citizens Advice Mendip don’t fundraise regularly, they know they can easily log back into Brevio whenever they need to.

“By using Brevio we were able to outline our specific funding needs and be matched with available grants for which we are eligible. Brevio is a great tool to have up our sleeves, should we need funding in the future.”

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