DE&I updates to Brevio's Taxonomy

With so many varied causes to support in the charitable sector you may have wondered, how can you find funding for your cause or specific projects that your organisation is undertaking?

The answer is precise matching. 

Brevio uses a sophisticated matching algorithm to match non-profits to grants for which they are eligible, aligned to their need for funding. For this matching algorithm to work its magic, both the non-profit and the grant-maker need to choose from a list of causes that then create a succinct match. 

It’s a pretty cool piece of software, and the more information we feed it, the better and more precise the matches become.

The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) data standard is being used by many funders and non-profits to classify the beneficiary groups they support, so we must continue to update our cause options for users to match against. 

So, we’re very pleased to let you know that we have updated Brevio’s Beneficiary Group taxonomy in line with the new changes that the DEI recently updated. We’ve also worked with feedback from non-profits and grant-makers to ensure these changes are right for our community. 

Here is everything you need to know about the new changes…

Updates to the Taxonomy 

You may be asking, what is taxonomy? Our Beneficiary Group taxonomy is the list of categories that you can use to describe the beneficiaries that your organisation supports. These categories reflect the diversity of human experience and provide an opportunity to add more inclusive definitions of who your organisation can support. 

You can now choose from an even wider variety of causes, here are the new categories:

People with disabilities

  • Autism
  • Hyperlexia
  • People with speech impairments


  • Non-binary people


  • Adventists
  • Pentecostals
  • Religious society of friends
  • Reformed Churches
  • Other protestant denominations 


  • Welsh 
  • English
  • Scottish Gaelic
  • Other languages 

If these additional causes are relevant to the beneficiaries that you support, we recommend logging into your Brevio account and adding the new options to your funding need. 

You can find the full list of our taxonomy here

Searching for your cause 

Synonyms are multiple ways to describe the same topic. For instance, if you are looking to support ‘global warming’, when you type into the search, ‘Climate’ will appear for your selection. If you are looking to support a ‘dog’ shelter, ‘Domestic animals’ will appear for your selection. 

You don’t need to guess the exact keyword for your cause to show in the search. We’ve added lots of new synonyms to Brevio to make finding your cause easier than ever before

You still have the choice of searching through the full taxonomy list, but these new synonyms should help you find your causes more quickly when building your funding need. 

Log into your Brevio account

DE&I at Brevio

This feels like a good time to let you know about our own DE&I mission at Brevio. 

We believe that we have created an environment where all employees feel empowered and supported.

We are committed to diversity, equality and inclusion among our workforce. As a UK Social Enterprise and B Corp, we are dedicated to supporting career progression through paid training programmes that help employees move into higher-valued work. 

Brevio actively promotes dignity and respect for all, while creating an environment where individual differences are recognised and celebrated.

Your feedback

Please note that like the DEI, we acknowledge that any framework that seeks to classify groups and communities is inherently problematic and we can never capture the nuance of people’s individual identities. However, if we don’t have a standardised way to report and monitor information, we would not have the data needed to identify and address structural inequality.

Also in Brevio, the taxonomy seeks to consider an intersectional approach with the ability for groups to recognise multiple identities. Therefore, organisations can select multiple population groups, e.g. women and girls, disabled people, and communities experiencing racial inequity. They do not have to choose just one.

Therefore, despite being guided by the DEI framework we recognise that societal issues change over time and we are committed to continually improving our taxonomy.

If you have any feedback or questions on the Brevio taxonomy please let us know by emailing hello@brevio.org

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