B is for Brevio and B Corp: we’re now a certified force for good

It’s official. Brevio is now a certified force for good. B Corp certified, that is.


We’re thrilled to join a network of more than 500 B Corp companies in the UK (and thousands globally!) who are using business as a force for good.


So what does this mean? Well it means we’ve made a commitment to meet a set of thorough standards for social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability.


And we know we’re in good company, joining the growing number of other B Corps, including WeTransfer, Hootsuite and Gousto


This is a commitment we take very seriously. 


At Brevio, our core mission has always been to do good. 


We were born from a desire to reduce the vast amount of money charities waste on applying for funding each year – £1.1bn to be exact!


Our mission is to simplify grant research and applications, while reducing admin and increasing impact. Essentially we want to level the playing field for all non-profits.  


While becoming B Corp certified was no easy feat (it involves a pretty rigorous application process), we believe it was worth every second. And it will continue to guide our path for years to come.


“At Brevio, we want to empower the charitable sector to achieve more. And joining the B Corp movement allows us to be part of something bigger. It’s an important step that will help keep us on track to meet our goals and create positive change,” said Brevio CEO Billy Wright.


How did we get here?


Since we started on our journey, five years ago, we have grown in more ways than one. 

We know what it means to adapt and we have evolved alongside our users, by listening to them and asking how we can help. And we wouldn’t be here today without their valuable feedback and support. 

In 2016 while running LocalGiving, Marcelle Speller, Brevio's founder, co-funded the Smarter Grants Initiative which surveyed 500 UK charities.

We discovered that 99% of charities wanted changes to the grant making process, 94% wanted a central database of funders and 65% wanted standardised application forms. And so Brevio was born.


Throughout 2018 and 2019 we worked with the University of Bath to quantify this research and learned that not only do charities spend £1.1bn per year writing grant applications, but even worse, 66% fail.


Then in 2020 when the Covid crisis hit, we brought forward the launch of Brevio, offering it free of charge to charities and matching them with the funders who were on the platform. By year end, more than 1,500 charities and nonprofits had signed up.

Now, in 2021, as both the number of charities and grants continues to grow, we’ve reached £3bn in grants ready to be matched to eligible charities

But we’re not done yet…

Our target is for 75% of the UK’s £6bn in grants to be listed on Brevio and matched to UK charities and nonprofits.

And we believe becoming a B Corp will help us get there. 

“I’m so proud of what we have achieved with Brevio so far. Becoming B Corp certified has really reinforced why we’re here and what we need to do to achieve our goals.

“With many charities now battling for their very existence, it’s clear we need to create a level playing field to help the brilliant organisations across Britain do what they do best in their communities and beyond,” said Brevio Founder Marcelle Speller.

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