MS Awareness Month

To mark the Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month, Brevio is offering non-profits supporting MS the opportunity to download a free booklet they can use either for fundraising or to help people suffering with MS and their families.

Art and creative activities have been shown to have benefits for people living with MS. Therefore, this resource offers people with MS a welcome pastime; successfully stimulating the left and right side of their brain through both logical and creative tasks, as well as encouraging positive mindset and well-being.

About the author:

My name is Christina and I am a graphic design intern at Brevio. I am an illustration student, currently doing research on art therapy. This activity booklet was born from my personal efforts to support and engage my Dad who lives with MS. I wanted to create activities he could enjoy, despite his disabilities, to give him a sense of achievement whilst also relieving stress. I hope other people with MS and their loved ones will enjoy it too!

I have been very fortunate to work with Brevio, a UK social enterprise who helps connect funders and non-profits, who have helped me make this booklet possible.

About the Booklet

Brevio and Christina are offering you this free booklet in a digital format that MS charities can use for fundraising.