The below outlines the Intellectual property (IP) ownership of  the Brevio platform.

Intellectual property (IP)For the purpose of this document: 

“Background IP” means all technical know-how and information known to either of the parties at the date of this Letter of Agreement together with all Intellectual Property Rights owned by or licensed to the Parties at the date of this Agreement, all technical know-how and information and intellectual property rights owned by or licensed to the parties that is not Developed IP;  

“Developed IP” means all information, know-how, results, designs, inventions and other matter capable of being subject of Intellectual Property Rights that is conceived, first reduced to practice or writing or developed in whole or in substantial part in the course of the provision of the Services; 

“Intellectual Property Rights” (IPR) means: (a) copyright, rights related to or affording protection similar to copyright, rights in databases, patents and rights in inventions, service marks, logos, database rights, trade marks, rights in internet domain names and website addresses and other rights in trade or business names, design rights (whether registerable or otherwise), Know-How, trade secrets and moral rights and other similar rights or obligations; (b) applications for registration, and the right to apply for registration, for any of the rights listed at (a) that are capable of being registered in any country or jurisdiction; and (c) all other rights whether registrable or not having equivalent or similar effect in any country or jurisdiction (including but not limited to the United Kingdom) and the right to sue for passing off.

By using Brevio’s services, you agree to the following: 
1. All Background IP used in connection with the provision of the Services shall remain the property of the party who introduces it. No licence is granted to either party’s Intellectual Property Rights unless specifically agreed to in writing.
2. The Developed IP will be owned by Brevio. 
3. As regards this IP section, the validity, construction and performance of this letter agreement, and all contractual and non-contractual matters arising out of it, will be governed by the laws of England and will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales. 

Brevio reserves the right to change these terms at any time without notice or notification.